Billion Dollar Campaign


The Billion Dollar Challenge is an effort to enable individuals and groups to set debt reduction goals and encourage one another to reach them, via a socially enabled web site. Users set up a profile, set their debt reduction goals and track their progress toward reaching them. While individual financial information is protected, the site aggregates the progress of all users toward the collective goal of eliminating a billion dollars in debt. A paydown calculator on the home page of the site adds up payments as they are entered by the users, so that everyone can see collective progress toward the billion-dollar goal.  

The Stewardship Committee of New Salem has partnered with dfree® to set up our own group page as a motivational strategy and online tool to create a new culture of personal financial responsibility within the church.  The New Salem Group Page allows members of New Salem to encourage each other as we seek to erase the burden of debt in our church family.  The process is simple.  Join the Billion Dollar Challenge by creating your own account online, setting your debt pay down goals, and track your progress by visiting the website.